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Dylon Colour Run Remover - Coloursafe

Rescues coloured items stained by colour runs

Colour runs can have a devastating effect on clothes. Luckily, Dylon Colour Run Remover
removes most colour runs and restores your clothes to their rightful shade. Its pH balanced,
Coloursafe Formula means that coloured items and delicates like wool & silk can be treated
together and fabrics are left beautifully clean with a fresh fragrance.

Each pack contains two sachets: Use two for full machine wash load or one per hand wash.


  • Add contents of both sachets directly to drum (both top and front loading machines)
  • Do NOT add sachet contents to the soap dispenser drawer
  • Run a 40°C (warm for synthetic mixes) or 60°C (hot for cottons) long wash cycle
  • For top loading machines choose the lowest water level that covers the garments
  • Add fabric conditioner as usual; do NOT add detergent when using the machine


  • Fill container or sink with enough warm (40°C) to hot water (60°C) to cover the items sufficiently allowing enough room for agitation
  • Add contents of one sachet & stir thoroughly, then add the items to be treated
  • Agitate by hand - you may leave them to soak while stirring regularly for one hour
  • Rinse thoroughly, wash with detergent and dry as usual, for the hand treatment option


  • Always treat colour runs when they are fresh if possible
  • Do not use economy or pre wash cycles in front or top loading machines
  • Colour ‘stains’ that appear in patches are a direct transfer of concentrated dye i.e. ‘spot dyeing’ and could permanently ‘colour stain’ synthetics
  • Not always effective on fabrics containing nylon, Lycra® or elastane
  • Polyester should be washed at a maximum of 40°C (warm water temperature)
  • Strong discolouration may need a second treatment or two sachets by hand
  • For regular users of fabric softener and/or nappy soaker products - please warm wash the item for treatment prior to using Colour Run Remover - Coloursafe to remove any residue or build-up of chemicals and ensure the formula can ‘cut through’ to remove the colour staining.

* Some dyes used to create hand crafted garments or items may not be safe when wet with water, a dry clean only statement means a non-water based cleaning method is needed.