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Repair Bleach Damage with Hand Dye

Permanent Colour for Fabric

Special use to restore colour to bleach-damaged fabric

Dylon hand dye is designed for use with warm water. It gives permanent colour to natural fabrics cotton, linen, viscose. We suggest using Hand Dye for cotton fabrics when trying to restore colour to bleach-damaged articles.

  • Bleach (LCB) can burn fabric and so the affected area cannot always be over-dyed, unless the bleach has been washed off straightaway. If the bleach hasn’t been on the fabric for very long or the marks are very small, then restoration is possible.
  • Always use a full pack, as the dye fix is in the pack, just add household salt.
  • Colourfast dye is not suitable for synthetics; e.g. 100% Polyester. Please note acrylic fibres cannot be dyed or fabrics with a special finish (e.g. Drip Dry and “dry clean only” types).

Instructions for Special Use to Repair Bleach-Damaged Fabric

  1. Bleach damaged articles must be warm-hot washed with wash powder to remove all bleach residues before treating for colour restoration.
  2. Wearing rubber gloves, dissolve dye in 500ml warm water. Ensure all powder is dissolved. This is now the concentrate dye solution.
  3. Using a paintbrush dab/paint the dye concentrate onto the bleach affected areas of the article. Set aside for a few minutes while you prepare the dye bath.
  4. Use a dyebath (bucket or sink) large enough to allow enough water to cover the garment to be dyed and allow them to move freely.
  5. Small items: Put 5 litres hottest tap water into the bucket. For Larger items: Add more hottest tap water to the bucket or stainless steel laundry sink to ensure the garment can be fully submerged and move freely.
  6. Add 250gm / 1 cup salt to the dye bath and stir well.
  7. Add the concentrate dye solution to the dyebath, stirring well.
  8. Put unfolded article (spot treated) into the dyebath, total dye time is one hour. Agitate for the first 15 minutes by squeezing the dye through the fabric. Stir regularly for another 45minutes keeping the fabric submerged in the dyebath.
  9. Do not leave to soak without agitation or a patchy colour result will occur.
  10. Rinse in lukewarm water until water runs almost clear.
  11. After rinsing, gentle wash in warm water using a small amount of normal washing detergent. After using Dylon for bleach restoration we do not recommend using harsh washing detergents to remove dye residue.
  12. Dry in the shade away from direct heat and sunlight. Although the colour is now colourfast, wash the item separately or with darker colours for the first wash.

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